What we saw in the U.K.

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whiteswanmarket.comwhiteswanmarket.comwhiteswanmarket.comwhiteswanmarket.comwhiteswanmarket.comI will be posting pictures of our trip to the United Kingdom and you will see pictures of London, Bath, and Bournemouth.  Some architecture and some store fronts.  Towards the end of the year I will post store fronts that were all decorated for Christmas.  Hopefully, you will find some great ideas for your store fronts or your home.

_dsc2255_dsc2262Plaids and florals mixed…_dsc2272_dsc2263Sweet mini displays…_dsc2267_dsc2266Tons of wallpaper in England…
_dsc2265_dsc2264_dsc2269If I had a shop my girls would have to wear eyeliner and eyelashes…lol…_dsc2271_dsc2270