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Apr 12, 2010  I have a radiator type (good ole fashion type), a two tube (finned) type and deep aluminum pan for the C4. I also have a temp gauge in the pan to monitor the temp. The deep aluminum pan dissipates heat faster than the small metal pan and extra fluid does also. Don\'t forget to change trans fluid/filter every 3/4 oil changes also.

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Aug 31, 2021  Try mounting a \"conventional style cooler\" in the same configuration as the finned cylinder can be mounted and see how that works. It won\'t because tge conventional absoluy depends on sufficient airflow to pass directly thru it. The finned cylinder just needs \"some\" air to flow casually past it. 31Vicky with a hemi, Jun 23,

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Fluid Cooler, Plate-Fin Type, Aluminum, 10.125 in. x 11.875 in. x 1.25 in., 1/2 NPT Inlet, Outlet, Each. Part Number:

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Fluid Cooler, Plate-Fin Type, Aluminum, 10.125 in. x 11.875 in. x 1.25 in., 1/2 NPT Inlet, Outlet, Each. Part Number:

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May 26, 2021  Transmission Oil Cooler, Tube and Fin, Aluminum, Black, 11.000 in. x 11.625 in. x 0.750 in. Thick, Kit. Part Number:

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May 13, 2021  This is a new 15\" finned aluminum transmission cooler. Part # GH-15D.(#3) Features: Dual openings on same end allow fluid to pass through tube twice for better cooling and eliminates the need for excessive lines when space is limited. External and internal fins allow for maximum transmission cooling. Two Fittings included. Diameter:

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May 04, 2021  Naturally, this might not apply to vehicles operating near the Arctic Circle, but in the rest of the world, it basically holds true. Types of Coolers. Typically, there are two types of cooler styles available: “tube-and-fin” and the “stacked plate” cooler. A conventional tube-and-fin cooler is the most common type you’ll

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Mar 02, 2021  Plate-and-fin coolers force fluid through much smaller plates that, like the tube-and-fin cooler, cause turbulation (or agitation) of the fluid. But fluid in the plate-and-fin style is cooled better before leaving the cooler because the smaller, flatter plates allow more fluid to contact the aluminum surface inside the

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These plate and fin coolers are 1-1/2\" thick for extreme efficiency. Suitable for all fluid cooling needs including: automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, differential fluid, power steering and turbocharger oil in circle track, road racing, off-road, tractor pulling and

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Transmission Coolers, Lines, and Fittings. Transmission coolers are a simple solution to help prolong transmission life. Transmission heat is the prime reason for tranny failure. High performance applications like towing and high torque engines can build heat in the transmission and break down fluids. Transmission fluid works best at lower

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Oct 26, 2021  The aluminum fins on this type of cooler help to draw the heat away from the tubes, and the cooler air passing by helps to reduce fluid temperatures. For typical every day driving and light performance, the tube and fin cooler will help keep the temperatures down, and prolong fluid

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Free shipping. $104.31. Qty: SCP will attempt to meet or beat any other sources pricing on an identical item. Call us to discuss 513-697-6501. Heat is the #1 enemy of your transmission! A stacked plate type transmission oil coolers help stop overheating of the transmission fluid, the major cause of transmission

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TCI Universal Trans Cooler. Free Shipping over $99, 60 Day Returns, Tech Support. Brand New. $52.31. List price: Previous Price. $57.49 9%

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Feb 17, 2006  I swapped to an alum rad. w/o trans cooler. Added on another extra cooler. A tube fin type. So lines went from trans to tube/fin to super cooler back to trans. After a pass 195*. Driving on the street 180* to 190* range. If you can keep your trans in the 180-190* range it will last

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Mar 24, 2010  It is attached with 2 regular zip ties, and one long \"rod\" type zip tie that came with the transmission cooler kit. The tru-cool transmission cooler kit I got was $40 shipped from Bulkparts If you want an anodized aluminum fin type cooler, check

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Fluid Cooler, Power Steering, Tube and Fin, Aluminum, Copper, 2.625 in. x 12.875 in. x 1.750 in., Each. Part Number:

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Sep 28, 2021  Any type of transmission cooler you plan on installing will help reduce trans fluid temperatures. This keep your transmission in a safe operating range which in turn will allow your transmission to last longer. Before you decide to install a transmission cooler, be sure to figure out what transmission cooler is best for your

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Universal 2 Pass Tube Fin Fluid Cooler Oil Transmission Power Steering Compact . $25.00. $12.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Universal 18\" Single Pass Finned Aluminum Transmission Cooler Oil Trans Fluid . $44.09. Free shipping. 5 watching. Brand Type. see Aftermarket Branded. Genuine OEM. Unbranded. Fitment Type. see

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BM 70291 Direct Fit Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler, Jeep JK. $284.95. Ships Free. Compare. Quick View. Part #