Fire Retardant Aluminum Foil Insulation, Fire Retardant

Anti-glare Fire Retardant Aluminum foil Polyethylene Foam Insulation Specification: Item Index Item Code QCFE01 Width 800-2000mm Standard length 40m,50m Thickness 0.5-15mm Thermal Resistance 0.0359W/mk Reflectivity 96-97% Water Vapour Transmission 0.0125g/m2kpa Tensile-strength ( MD ) 16.98Mpa Tensile-strength ( TD ) 16.5Mpa Color Silver/yellow/blue Structure Aluminum film+EPE Usage: 1) Roof, wall, floor for heat insulation

Fire Retardant Aluminium Foil, Fire Retardant Aluminium ...

Fire Resistant Insulation Foil, Fire Resistant Insulation

Fire Resistant alu foil coated reflective foil insulation aluminum foil EPE foam thermal insulation US $1.25-$1.80 / Square Meter 5000 Square Meters (Min.

Reinforced Aluminum Foil - Aerolite

Aluminum Foil For Glass Cotton Colored Steel Tile Car Heat Insulation Pad House Insulation Waterproof Flame Retardant Material US $1.15-$1.40 / Square Meter 100 Square Meters (Min.

Fire Retardant Aluminum Foil Insulation, Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant Woven aluminium foil/heat insulation fabrics/foil mesh cloth insulation US $0.1-0.3 / Square Meter 3 Metric Tons (Min. Order) Melted PE is mechanically extruded down and coated evenly into the middle of aluminum foil and woven

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Thermal Insulation Fire Resistant

It is a new type of inorganic thermal insulation, fire-resistant village material, with light weight, small heat capacity, good thermal insulation performance and high temperature insulation performance, stable chemical properties, etc. Ceramic fiber cloth was invented afterwards, compley replacing asbestos

Aluminium Foil Heat Insulation Material, Aluminium Foil

Main applications: 1.Heat-retardant curtains or screens 2.Thermal insulation covers, mattress and pads 3.Welding/fire protection 4.Safety cloth and apron 5.Other fire and smoke control systems BASE FABRIC Base fabric style

Insulation With Aluminium Foils -

In the temperature range from -80 to + 150 degrees the material properties of aluminium remain constant. Even in the form of extremely thin rolled foil, aluminium can score with its numerous advantages. Aluminium foil is extremely heat resistant. And even in extreme cold, aluminium foil is only tougher and its hardness

Thermal Acoustical Foil Film

Thermal Insulation Materials ; POLYTECH RAF Foil Facing is an aluminum foil facing reinforced with a glass fiber and thermally fused to an aluminized backing. It is excellent for reflecting radiant heat in 400°F and below applications. (PEEK) film with flame retardant heat activated adhesive. This film is suitable for covering

Breather Foil Fire Retardent Mesh

Fire Retardant Fsk Insulation Aluminum Foil Facing Dfr-1001A. DESCRIPTION fsk Foil facing Insulation batts with a kraft, foil, or a foil scrim kraft (FSK) fire-resistant vapor retarder facing. USES To improve thermal performance of exterior and interior walls and floor/ceiling assemblies. Kraf

Heat Reflective Air Aluminium Foil, Double

Double-sided Reinforced Aluminum Foil. 7µm Aluminum foil/Retardant plastic/8*12/100cm2, Three-way fiberglass mesh/60gKraft/Retardant plastic/7µm Aluminum foil Light weight, three-way fiberglass mesh, double-sided reflective insulation, with good insulation results, high vapor barrier power and sound insulation properties, as well as some

Reinforced Aluminum Foil - Aerolite

Sisalation is an aluminum foil reinforced insulation material. It is a craft paper, aluminum foil, synthetic fiber and polyethylene lamination. Often used in schools, warehouses, commercial and residential dwellings and hospitals. It reduces heat loss in winter and reduces heat gain in summer. When sisalation is used under tiles it acts as a

Aluminum Foil Closed Cell Epe Foam Roof Heat Insulation

Radiation: The suns radiation do not tansmit to the Earth through any substance . Aluminurcan reflect 97%of radiant heat ( Emission Rate E = 0 . 03 ) , Aluminum foil insulation material is the best ideal to the anti-heat

(APRA K431) Fire Retardant D/S Reflective Aluminium Paper

K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - (APRA K431) Fire Retardant D/S Reflective Aluminium Paper Foil, 16x8 Fiberglass Scrim Reinforced [BS476 Part 67) Double Sided Paper Foil Building Insulation Penang , K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is an insulation products supplier company. Our office is located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang,

Air Bubble Sheet, Material - Neo Thermal

Product Description. NEO Thermal is the premium manufacturer, supplier and retailer of ALUMINIUM FOIL AIR BUBBLE INSULATION. We offer you the best deal in terms of quality and price. The aluminum foil air bubble insulation acts as an effective blocking material to put a full stop on the heat penetration from the external environment to your

Reinforced Heavy Duty Fire Proof Aluminum Foil Scrim

Flame Retardant Fsk, Double Sided Fsk, Fsk Thermal Material manufacturer / supplier in , offering Reinforced Heavy Duty Fire Proof Aluminum Foil Scrim Kraft Facing Fsk Facing, Nano Blanket Thermal Insulation Multi Layer Insulation Blanket, Silver Aluminum Foil Insulation Blanket for Heat Insulation

Aluminum Foil EPE Foam Thermal Insulation For Building

The structure of this insulation material is aluminium foil + EPE foam+Aluminum foil . The aluminium foil plays the role of reflecting radiation heat from sunshine with reflectivity of 96-97%. And the EPE foam has the function of trapping air so as to stop convection heat. Most importantly, in response to customer\'s flame retardance requirement

Flame Retardant Aluminum Foil Composite Bubble

The product is designed with composite sandwich structure, the outer and inner surface are aluminum foil multi-layer composite materials, the middle layer is bubble, double bubble or woven material, this kind of design makes the product has better buffer, heat insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant

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